> There's a file called DEBUG.howto in kdebase/kioslave that explains how to
> debug an ioslave.

This helped me very much to "get in touch" with the kioslave process.
So I did, as suggested in the howto, attached gdb and used cont two times
to start the slave in the debugger, to see, what will happen.
Immediately after the slave started, the dialog with "Malformed URL"
appeared in konq. However, the slave continued to run and when Ctrl-C'ed, it
showed it's idling in its KIO:SlaveBaseispatchLoop(). There were no messages
output by the slave.
As I looked at the kio_bluetooth sources, I saw some kdDebug() calls.
However, I never saw their output neither in my .xsession-errors nor in the gdb
output. I tried to enable the output in kdebugdialog, but I didn't find anyting
related to kio_bluetooth there. I've turned all the kio related things on but
it didn't enable anything from kio_bluetooth. How to enable these particular
messages ? I still don't understand all the data flow through the slave so
these messages would help me a lot (it's necessary for me to know it at least
roughly to be able to even put a breakpoint to the suitable place)...
Sorry for asking so much stupid questions...
With regards, Pavel Troller

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