I have received account on KDE,
currently my application is not linked against kdelibs, it uses QT4.1

I want to link it against kdelibs and keep using QT4 classes, and then uplo=
ad =

the sources into =A0
branches/work/kde4/playground/games/ =A0directory

To do so I want to create new KDE application using kdevelop template , and =

then add my all sources, and make necessary changes. And then commit source=
s =

to kde svn.

But KDevelop requires qt >3.2 < 4.0.

I am using gentoo with all =A0upgraded to version 3.5.2.
My current draughts game =A0version works with pure QT ( no kdelibs ) , but=
I =

want to make it suitable for kde project.

How to continue?
I have already tried to complie svn version of kde, but I failed , =

I couldnt make it running I have got error: =

kbuildsycoca crashed.
KLauncher could not be reached via DCOP.

Thanks in advance.

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