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Andreas Silberstorff wrote:
>Is it neccessary for the switch to DBUS to discard the DCOP api?=20

Yes. They're completely different and completely incompatible. There are=20
many different concepts that make a cross-API really difficult to write.

> the classes in kdelibs be kept and internally transparently use DBUS?

Not without a great deal of trouble. It would be necessary to marshall=20
into a QDataStream, demarshall and re-marshall into the D-Bus format. And=20
when the reply came, demarshall, remarshall and demarshall again.

Not worth it.

That said, however, I tried to make the API as close as possible, so that=20
it would ease the porting process. Any comments are appreciated:


> IMHO that would make live much easier for applicaction developers when
> we want our apps to run on kde4.

I don't have the time to write that code and I wouldn't want to maintain=20
it even if I did write it.

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