Am Freitag, 24. Februar 2006 15:21 schrieb Thiago Macieira:
> However, we're probably going to phase DCOP out for KDE 4. For many
> reasons, we're investigating alternatives and the current front-runner is
> D-Bus. There's a high probability that KDE 4 will use D-Bus instead of
> DCOP. And where DCOP was simple, D-Bus is designed to be interoperable
> with other languages other than C++/Qt.
> As an anecdote, the day DCOP was introduced in KDE became later known
> as "the day we made KDE 10 times faster", because it replaced the CORBA
> solution that was there, or so I'm told. I wasn't around yet to witness
> that event. :-)
> Disclaimer: I am the current maintainer of the QtDBus library and probably
> the main advocate for its use.

Is it neccessary for the switch to DBUS to discard the DCOP api? Could the
classes in kdelibs be kept and internally transparently use DBUS? IMHO that
would make live much easier for applicaction developers when we want our apps
to run on kde4.

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