On Thursday 23 March 2006 15:10, Chris Humphries wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in the conversion to qt 4.1 with kde,
> yet realize I need to crawl before walking.
> From reading the kde website, I subscribed to some
> mailing lists and looked at junior bugs. I also reviewed the
> qt 4.1 and 4.0 changes from 3.x (I haven't touched qt in a
> long time).
> So, just curious of your opinion on direction to start?

Right now the port to Qt4 / KDE4 is big and important. There's approximately 3
big steps to be made:

1) Port to Qt4
2) Cleanup the API
3) Port the apps

We appear to be in phase 2 right now, with big changes coming in for KAction,
from Phonon, etc. So working on getting everything working with kdelibs4 is
most important right now -- but it's also kind of frustrating, since you're
really chasing compile bugs and moving targets all the time and it can be
difficult to work on actual applications. The snapshots of kdelibs help here,
but it can still take a while (qt-copy, cmake, ...) to get things up and

> I am currently using ubuntu dapper, with kubuntu packages.
> Will have to setup a vmware or qemu session for testing purposes.
> Anyways, coffee is working now (09:10 here at the moment).

PIM is really in dire need of help, as Allen points out. Fixing stuff for KDE
3.5 -- if you can find smallish bugs -- is worthwhile too. If you want to
develop fancy new stuff, you're really going to have to do KDE4 stuff or
extragear. There is exciting stuff in KEG, though, like digikam.

Adriaan de Groot
KDE Quality Team

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