I am interested in the conversion to qt 4.1 with kde,
yet realize I need to crawl before walking.
From reading the kde website, I subscribed to some
mailing lists and looked at junior bugs. I also reviewed the
qt 4.1 and 4.0 changes from 3.x (I haven't touched qt in a
long time).

I use kopete now instead of gaim, so thinking may try
to work on those.

Been exploring using KDE as "platform" (in the same
way windows and osx is a platform), and liking it so far. Sure
some of the apps may not be as good as some others (xmms,
mplayer, vlc, etc) but that is ok. I believe this is a more
solid foundation and direction (versus other desktops I have
experience with coding *cough*GObject*cough*).

So, just curious of your opinion on direction to start?
I know C++, QT 3.x, unix and g++ etc tools, and have experience
working on big projects. My day job is a programmer (not in
C++, but in other languages doing non-gui related work so this
will be a nice change and not feel so much like "work").

I am currently using ubuntu dapper, with kubuntu packages.
Will have to setup a vmware or qemu session for testing purposes.
Anyways, coffee is working now (09:10 here at the moment).

Thanks in advance,

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