I've successfully compiled and installed qt-mac-opensource-src-4.1.0 on
my macbook, but I gather that we need qt-copy to compile kde. However,
I can't get qt-copy to configure. I ran ./apply_patches, but it only
applied 0114-q3listview-paintcell.diff, claiming that all others
(including 0112, which I guess is the important one for mac?) had
already been merged. After that, I set QTDIR=$PWD, added $QTDIR/bin to
my PATH, and then ran the recommended configure line in README.qt-copy.
It runs for a while, but then bombs out with a string of errors,
starting with:

error: private/qcore_mac_p.h: No such file or directory

Google was surprisingly unhelpful; searching for "qcore_mac_p.h"
returned only a handful of hits, but all were only reporting this error,
with no clues how to fix it.

I have this file in my qt-mac-opensource tree
(./src/corelib/kernel/qcore_mac_p.h), but it indeed does not exist under

Any ideas?


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