> Oswald Buddenhagen :
> On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 10:42:57AM +0100, Michael Hofmann wrote:
> > This is very annoying and counterproductive.
> >

> yeah, sure. because hitting a few times ctrl-d in the shells or simply
> enter in the confirmation dialog instead of losing data is an
> inacceptable trade-off.

That's not it. Please let me explain. My logout button was configured so
that kde/kdm shuts down the machine upon clicking, without further
interaction. With the recent changes this is not possible any longer,
if, and only if there is an existing console session, which there
frequently is in my case. So now I have to wait for KDE to close (As we
all know DKE is not the fastest interface) and kdm to come up only to
confirm my wish to shutdown the system.

Before this change to kdm, I was already away doing completely unrelated
things while my computer was happily in the process of shutting down.
All I want is the PC to work for me, not vice versa. That is why I dared
to call this behaviour annoying and counterproductive. It's not the
single click on the confirm button, it's the computer wasting my time
while it keeps me waiting to give confirmation for something that has
been firmly decided already.

> after an extensive search through my code i came to the conclusion that
> this is not possible ... :}
> kdm can do it, but ksmserver always requests interactive shutdown.

I am fairly certain it should be possible because
- it did the unattended shutdown before the change (was it kde-3.3 ->
3.4 or 3.4 ->3.5?)
- I have a link to a dcop call on the desktop that shuts it down
immediately without further interaction (and no adverse effects observed
so far).

But, if I understand your post correctly kdm is not configurable this
way. I believe this is very unfortunate and I suggest implementing a
configuration item to restore this behaviour in future releases.
I also understand this behaviour, as it is now, does have it's
justification in certain cases. In my case however, and also in other
cases where there is only one sole user (being aware what is happening)
on the PC, it is completely useless if you don't mind me saying so, for
the reason given above.


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