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Stephen Holt wrote:
>--- Dirk Mueller wrote:
>> On Wednesday, 22. March 2006 10:38, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> > Your problem is that you're building kdenonbeta. Don't.

>> Great response, thiago ;(

>Well if I don't need it, then maybe I won't build it... This is my
>first time to try to build KDE so I don't know what is essential and
>what isn't.

You don't need it. As the name says, "kdenonbeta" contains not-even-beta=20
quality software. It's a deprecated module. All new application=20
development goes into playground now.

In fact, a year ago, when discussing the move to Subversion, I remember=20
planning to delete kdenonbeta completely. (the fact that you're building=20
it proves it never happened)

>> it would be more helpful to have the relevant lines of config.log
>> pasted.

>I thought I did? Or do you mean something more detailed. The full text
>of the configure.log file is below.

Actually, no. This is a common mistake. There's a file called "config.log"=
that is produced by ./configure and contains detailed information.

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