On Wednesday 22 March 2006 10:42, Michael Hofmann wrote:
> Hi,
> since upgrading to KDE 3.5 (or 3.4, not sure) I have to confirm to close
> current console sessions on logout/shutdown.

Strange, this doesn't happen to me.

> This is very annoying and
> counterproductive. Even after extensive search I am not able to find this
> item in the configuration file(s). Also I was unable to find up to date
> documentation for kdm on the net. I would like to revert to the earlier
> behaviour where console sessions were silently and automatically closed when
> initiating shutdown through kdm.

I don't understand the relation to kdm. kdm is the login manager, whereas
session shutdown is all handled by ksmserver (and the application code
that gets called at session saving and session shutdown time).
So if konsole asks for confirmation when logging out, it sounds to me like
a konsole bug, not like a kdm configuration item missing.

Do you simply log out using K menu / Log Out... ?

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