> Le Vendredi 10 Mars 2006 11:10, Dominic Genest a =E9crit :
> > Do anyone need help developing for an application ?


I won't attempt to describe the whole project right now, but just give you =
a =

flavor for part of it--basically, I want to create an interface between ned=
it =

(my favorite editor) and khtml/konqueror so that I can send strings with HT=
ML =

markup to khtml for rendering. I don't want a new instance of khtml each =

time, but instead want to update (append or replace) new text to the existi=
ng =

open instance. (I may actually have several open instances of khtml (and/o=
r =

several tabs) and would want to send particular updates to particular =


Someday I may consider something other than nedit as the editor for this =

project, but:
* I have quite a few macros already written in nedit to support this =

project (other functionality, not described here), and have a pretty good =

handle on how to do more
* My brief tests with kate showed that kate was very much slower than ne=
dit =

for the size files I'm dealing with (I consider them large--currently aroun=
d =

10 MB, expect to allow them to grow until I need to split them for =

performance sake.)

If you're interested, write back, we can discuss some more.

Randy Kramer


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