I would really like to get involved in KDE developement. I got professionna=
l =

full-time experience with QT4 since it came out (and QT3 long before), and =
I =

use C++ since many years. I read the KDE developer's corner page, subscribe=
d =

to this mailing list but I still wonder what's the best way do begin doing =

concrete things for KDE4. What is possible for a kde developement newby ? I =

understand people probably don't start coding in kdelibs right away, but wh=
at =

is the normal process ?

Do anyone need help developing for an application ?

Thanks a lot !

Sorry if this is not the right place to ask, I'm just kind of lost !


-- =

Dominic Genest
Charg=E9 de cours
D=E9partement d'Informatique et de G=E9nie Logiciel
Universit=E9 Laval

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