On Friday 10 March 2006 02:09, Magnus Kulke wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to use kio-slaves in kde my project, but i have a problem i couldn't
> resolve in days and i'm getting more and more desperate. it is crucial to me,
> that a kio-download reflects the changes, when it is read again.
> KIO::TransferJob *job = KIO::get("pop3://pop3.mymailsserver.org/index", true,
> false);
> the first parameter is the kurl of the file i want to fetch, (which is the
> response to a pop3 LIST command, in case that matters) the second parameter
> says wether the file should be reloaded (true) or taken from cache (false),
> the third parameter says wether there should be a info-widget or not.
> however, the file is *always* read in only once, to get a new version of the
> file i have to quit the app and start again. i de-activated the cache in
> konqueror and restarted kde just to make sure. then i tried to use this
> workaround:
> KIO::CacheControl m_cachePolicy = KIO::CC_Reload;
> job->addMetaData("cache", KIO::getCacheControlString(m_cachePolicy));
> ...but no effect either. i wondered wether the problem could be the
> pop3-slave, but reading its sources i could not find anything wrong and i
> tried other files aswell.
> what could cause the file to be loaded from cache (which should not be there
> anymore anyway) instead of releaded from remote? maybe someone here got a
> hint.

I'm very surprised by this post because
1) the konqueror cache is in kio_http, thus not related to this
2) there is no KIO cache which could be caching this; there is a kdirlister cache
but that's only for directory listings, not for KIO::get().

So I can guarantee you that KIO::get() ends up calling get() in the kioslave, -always-.

So if there's a bug, it's inside the kio_pop3 implementation. Or maybe in your code

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