perhaps you know Macromedia Dreamweaver, a WYSIWYG html editor for Windows
and Mac OS. In a recently questionnaire people have said, that they miss
applications like Adobe Photoshop and the Macromedia products. I think GIMP
is a good alternative for Adobe Photoshop (except the user interface, but
that is not the point). But there is not a really alternative for
Dreamweaver. Macromedia (now Adobe) will not port their software to linux
systems, because it would not bring enough profit.

If there is already a good alternative (I already know Quanta and Bluefish)
please tell me. If not, this should be an impulse for developing such a
software. I would have already started, but you know, that time is scarce. If
there are a few developers, I think this could be a great project.


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