I'd like to use kio-slaves in kde my project, but i have a problem i couldn't
resolve in days and i'm getting more and more desperate. it is crucial to me,
that a kio-download reflects the changes, when it is read again.

KIO::TransferJob *job = KIO::get("pop3://pop3.mymailsserver.org/index", true,

the first parameter is the kurl of the file i want to fetch, (which is the
response to a pop3 LIST command, in case that matters) the second parameter
says wether the file should be reloaded (true) or taken from cache (false),
the third parameter says wether there should be a info-widget or not.

however, the file is *always* read in only once, to get a new version of the
file i have to quit the app and start again. i de-activated the cache in
konqueror and restarted kde just to make sure. then i tried to use this

KIO::CacheControl m_cachePolicy = KIO::CC_Reload;
job->addMetaData("cache", KIO::getCacheControlString(m_cachePolicy));

....but no effect either. i wondered wether the problem could be the
pop3-slave, but reading its sources i could not find anything wrong and i
tried other files aswell.

what could cause the file to be loaded from cache (which should not be there
anymore anyway) instead of releaded from remote? maybe someone here got a

thanks in advance,


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