Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> Hi all,
> on Sunday 05 March 2006 15:27, Christoffer Brodd-Reijer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am working on a statistics widget. It contains of a qgroupbox
>> containing several labels in this layout:
>> Size: XX Mb
>> Used: XX Mb
>> Free: XX Mb
>> Now, I want to add a pie either above or below these lines. I have
>> almost no experience with QCanvas and no docs from Google helped me
>> much. I found KDChartPiePainter but I could not understand it either.
>> Is there a simple way I can achieve my goal? Any examples or tutorials
>> on this?

> Did you have a look at
> It helped me a lot to get going with KDChart.

It seems pretty easy but is KDChart something external, outside KDE?
Cause I'm not sure if I want to have too many dependencies right now. It
seems like a charm to work with, though so I would happily use it as
long as it's in the kdelibs.

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