Hi all,

Quite a few program need to do distro specific things. Example:
skim is a kde applet for inputting asian characters. However the
asian language packs are rather large, so distros don't tend to
actually install the language packs. So skim needs a way to install
the language pack

Keep the solution very simple, very flexible, very easy to maintain.
Have a text file that every distro maintains. the text file will look like:

install scim_chinese_language_pack: adept --install cn_scim_lang
install scim_japanese_language_pack: adept --install jp_scim_lang

and so on. Very simple way of mapping. (adept, btw, is a kde
packager manager for kubuntu).. Each distro will replace the command
with whatever is suitable for them.

Notice 'install' doesn't actually mean anything, and this is
completely flexible. The fine details can be worked out but aren't
really important now. Simply skim would just say
KDistro::command("install scim_chinese_language"); and that's it.
Since skim should be monitoring whereever language packs get install
to anyway, skim will see when they are installed. very simple.

Another example, k3b requires several tools for various tasks. It
could offer to install here.

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