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> Currently user sees only (first part of the) layout code and (possibly)
> flag. One can see full name of current layout and the variant in
> tooltip. But it would be more natural if user could see the difference
> between same layout and different variants.
> There also three things to keep in mind:
> 1) we're in message freeze so no new messages could be added
> 2) we're pretty tight with space, especially if flag is used the
> visibility of the text is at its limit
> 3) the code change should be pretty small as we're close to 3.5.2
> I have only one idea: currently the flag max height is 14 and tiny size
> of taskbar is 25. So we could potentially move flag up and use 7-8
> pixels below to show several letters of variant name or its abbreviated
> name (in case several variants start with same letters). I was going to
> make this change only when there's the same layout with different
> variants so users which don't use that won't see the change. Also if
> multiple variants are used we could disable showing flag by default to
> increase visibility (flags have much less sense in these cases anyway).
> I am going to have some time to provide UI for this feature later this
> week but I'd like to hear any suggestions and comment before I start
> coding.

I do not like this proposal very much. A 7-8 pixel heigh area is very, very=
hard to recognize properly. And the current way of presenting it is very mu=
know to the users so that I do not like to change it.=20
How many people would actually use this feature? I doubt there are many.=20

If you really need to display the variant you could add another "icon" wher=
you display the current variant of the keyboard. This way you do not change=
the current indicator and add only someting for the few people who are usin=

Another alternative, less pretty I think, would be to add just numbers to t=
icon. Right now we have the country code and if you would use a number=20
instead of a name for the variant you could append it after the countrycode=
I guess user will get used to this quite quickly.=20


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