On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 13:41:31 +0100
Uwe Mayer wrote:

> Hi,


> I have a problem with a kioslave of mine and konqueror's find tool:
> When searching in an archive, i.e. for *.txt, konqueror returns all
> files matching the pattern as wanted.
> However, if I restart the search nothing or only a small subset of
> the first results is returned. I have to kill the kio skave process
> for the find tool to return all results again.
> From the debug output it seems as thought the fist time a recursive
> file list is retrieved (this is when the results are reported back as
> intended) and the succeeding times konqueror only gets the list of
> root-entries and one or two other subdirectories and stops.
> Did anyone encounter something like this before?

I have had that exact behavior for quite some time now. On our end,
though, it does not happen every time. In fact, I just tried to get it
to behave like that, and I could not. It insisted on working
I have noticed that just running kfind seems to be more reliable that
using kfind as integrated into konqueror. Why this would be, I haven't
a clue.
I am running Branch 3.5 from SVN on Fedora Core 3.

Steven P. Ulrick

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