On Monday 27 February 2006 13:41, Uwe Mayer wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with a kioslave of mine and konqueror's find tool:
> When searching in an archive, i.e. for *.txt, konqueror returns all files
> matching the pattern as wanted.
> However, if I restart the search nothing or only a small subset of the first
> results is returned. I have to kill the kio skave process for the find tool
> to return all results again.
> From the debug output it seems as thought the fist time a recursive file list
> is retrieved (this is when the results are reported back as intended) and the
> succeeding times konqueror only gets the list of root-entries and one or two
> other subdirectories and stops.
> Did anyone encounter something like this before?

By "restart the search", do you mean using the kfind ui or using F5/Reload?
Does the same happen with kio_file, i.e. with a local path?
There might very well be a bug in the kfind part, it's not very well maintained
(partly due to my own lack of time)

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