Hi there,

I'm having a big problem with my style and QToolbox. I'm looking for a
way to get the index of the toolbox tab I'm drawing.

Here is something that should work:

const QToolBox* tb = (const QToolBox*) widget;
int index = tb->indexOf( tb->childAt( QPoint(left, top) ) );

widget is of course the parent widget of the pseudo-tab according to Qt
sources and (left, top) comes from the drawing rectangle passed to

The problem is that it works only once --when the toolbox tab is
selected-- then never again. When a pseudo-tab is selected for the
second time, index == -1 as if it was out of its parent.

I know the widgets are reordered in a toolbox when opened/close but that
doesn't explain anything. If I can get the index once, why not every
time and for the not selected pseudo-tabs too?

Please, feel free to use very simple words and to call me noob. ;-)

Remi Villatel

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