Hi again!

> >is there any possibility to trigger a system tray notification via dcop?
> > I mean those bubble-like things that pop up for a few seconds telling
> > you about events on the system (like in Kopete: " 'whoever' is now
> > away").

> Yes. All notifications are done through DCOP via knotify. But that's just
> the technical detail: you're not supposed to use the DCOP calls to do
> that. Use the KNotify class.

Ah. I should explain myself better. I know that things work automagically with
KNotify. My use case is: I would like to be able to create notifications from
the command-line, read: with dcopclient (or if it exists, some
"knotifycommandlinewrapper" ;-) ). I have a simple bash script that checks a
Nagios Tactical Overview page for some keywords and that should give some
visual feedback when something's wrong. So a command-line driven notification
would really come in handy.


Stefan Winter

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