I in a an application created in Kdevelop.
I need to convert it in KParts.

If this plain application will be convereted into
KPart , will i be ablo to access it using knosole
executalbel and in an executable form of the some
shell ( that i will write later ). wht do you i need
to do this ?

By using Ibm site tutorials i have Kpart application
with some gui compnent and it has generated its
library and deployed on proper places like in
/usr/lib/...la and .so
and in services/....desktop file..

but while i try to access it from my shee application
it never creates the KPart...

However i can see i am calling any other kde Kpart
application it can successsfully creates the interface
on my shell....

Plz. help me on this or refer to some KPart tutorial
for kde 3x using KParts


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