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On Monday 20 February 2006 10:34 am, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Take a look at what kio_media does. The point of giving various MIME types
> is to get Konqueror to do something specific about them: it can be the
> opening of the entry or the RMB service menu actions.

Ok, I've found that I if I specify different mimetypes I'll have to install=
appropriate .destktop files to the mimelnk/* directories.
Unfortunately it seems that one file per [Desktop Entry] are necessary. Whe=
n I=20
had all entries put in one .desktop file, only the last ini-section was use=

> Be careful about what you set your directories to: unless the MIME type is
> inode/directory or descends from it, Konqueror will not browse into it
> (it'll try to open an external application).

=46or subdirectories and archive files, which should be browseable through =
kio_foo protokoll I had to install .destktop files=20
to /usr/share/mimelnk/inode and set the=20


BTW: does KDE only look in /usr but not in /usr/local for ioslaves? I had t=
configure the slave using --prefix=3D/usr in order for KDE to find it.

> >Is it correct to set the filename of the root directory, i.e.
> >foo://somefile.xml/ to "."?

> This question doesn't make sense. The root directory is, by definition,
> "/".

If a stat on:

returns "test" as filename, what should a stat on:

return as filename?
This is bugging me, because "/" would (also?) refer to the system root=20
directory and (I think) "/" is not a valid filename.

> By the way, a note of warning: I see in your example above a file name
> used where a hostname is expected.=20

Yes, thanks. That was a typo .

> >I would like to register the XML file "filename.foo" to be handled by
> > kioslave foo automatically. How do I set that up?

> Set up the MIME type for that kind of file (say, application/x-foo) that
> it should be handled by the ioslave. And find a way to tell if a given
> file is part of that MIME type or not.

Yes, I had to install a foo.protocol file to /usr/share/services. (Sorry,=20
didn't know that before)

Thanks for your answers,
Tax and title extra.

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