Jens Herden wrote:
> On Monday 20 February 2006 17:32, David Faure wrote:
>> On Monday 20 February 2006 11:28, Christoffer Brodd-Reijer wrote:
>>> Well, currently I am trying out the "Tree View" of konqueror but I don't
>>> mind changing that if there is a better part to serve the purpose I was
>>> describing earlier.

>> I think you should use the KFileTreeView class (from libkio,
>> kdelibs/kio/kfile/) so that you have more control over the tree view.

> Yes and if you want some code that uses it to get inspiration from you can
> look in:
> kdewebdev/quanta/treeviews
> Especially basetreeview.cpp/.h can give you some ideas.
> Jens

I've read the files but it is a bit too much for me. I have instead
tried to read the class references for kfiletreeview and some other
classes, my code ended up looking like

treeView = new KFileTreeView(splitter, "treeview");

KURL url = KURL("/media/psp/PSP/photo");
QString mimetype = KMimeType::findByURL(url)->name();
KFileItem *fileItem = new KFileItem(url, mimetype, 0);

KFileTreeBranch *branch = treeView->addBranch(url, "root");
KFileTreeViewItem *viewItem = new KFileTreeViewItem(treeView, fileItem,

which apparently does not work, since no folder shows in the
kfiletreeview. My current goal is just to show a folder in this
kfiletreeview, nothing more than that. Keeping it simple.


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