Sven Burmeister schrieb:
> Hello!
> I had a look at the docs because there were some problems with kvpnc
> interrupting KDE shtting down. The problem was that closeEvent() was
> re-implemented without any e->accept().
> I read that it is not recommended to re-implement closeEvent() but rather
> queryClose und queryExit. Further the docs say that if one has serious things
> to do, one should connect aboutToQuit to queryExit.
> I did all that. As a result, everything works as expected, if the window is
> open. However, if the application is only in tray KDE shuts down without
> waiting for queryExit to return true. The closeEvent does not seem to be
> called at all.
> My question is, whether this is expected behaviour, or whether KDE should wait
> until queryExit returns true.
> If it is expected behaviour, how can I make KDE wait on shutdown, if the
> application is only in the tray?

The documentation for KMainWindow::queryExit() says:
"If you need to do serious things on exit (like shutting a dial-up
connection down), connect to the signal KApplication::shutDown()

Maybe that helps?


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