I had a look at the docs because there were some problems with kvpnc
interrupting KDE shtting down. The problem was that closeEvent() was
re-implemented without any e->accept().

I read that it is not recommended to re-implement closeEvent() but rather
queryClose und queryExit. Further the docs say that if one has serious things
to do, one should connect aboutToQuit to queryExit.

I did all that. As a result, everything works as expected, if the window is
open. However, if the application is only in tray KDE shuts down without
waiting for queryExit to return true. The closeEvent does not seem to be
called at all.

My question is, whether this is expected behaviour, or whether KDE should wait
until queryExit returns true.

If it is expected behaviour, how can I make KDE wait on shutdown, if the
application is only in the tray?



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