A couple of days after KDE 3.5.1 entered Debian testing I did a
apt-show-versions and noticed that some new packages related to KDE,
such as kdegraphics and kdeartwork was about to be upgraded to 3.5.1 as

After the upgrade and dist-upgrade I have rebooted the machine a couple
of times and I keep getting a few, but significant errors..

First of all, after login with KDM it gives me a box telling me "could
not start kdeinit, check your installation" right before it shows the

I notice nothing wrong with KDE besides that message, but what is worse
shows when I try to compile my KDE application. Then I get:

/usr/bin/../lib/libXft.so.2: undefined reference to `FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden'

which also ends in breaking every ./configure for me. Since configure
can't compile any qt application it tells me I need to install libqt-mt

I have


installed, I also had libxft1 installed but removed that to be sure that
it wasn't the bad guy, creating some conflict. But it did not change

I have tried to rebuild all of the above packages, without any luck.
A google on the string "undefined reference to `FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden'"
don't give me many hits.

I am not sure what to blame here, I suspect something in Qt, producing
the kdeinit-error and the ./configure-errors, but I thought I might ask
if any of you guys know anything about this.

If you wonder about any version number I have a updated debian etch
distro with these exceptions:

$ apt-show-versions -u
gnome-volume-manager/testing upgradeable from 1.2.1-1 to 1.4.0-4
kmessedwords 4:3.4.3-2 newer than version in archive
udev/testing upgradeable from 0.081-1 to 0.084-5
libdps1 6.8.2.dfsg.1-11 newer than version in archive
hal/testing upgradeable from 0.4.8-8 to 0.5.6-4

Thank you in advance.

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