Dirk Mueller wrote:
> I'd say with extreme caution. The big problem is that QTimer fires in
> processEvents, and this can cause all unpredictable nasty things to happen,
> including the objects you currently work on to be deleted or other reentrancy
> issues to be exposed. You can easily end up in a situation where not even
> unwinding the stack (aka exiting your processing job) can be done without
> crashing. Thats certainly very bad.
> thats why I would unconditionally recommend the way to do things Andras
> suggested (or rather just switch entirely to a Threadweaver/QThread based job
> queue).

I still fail to see how all these bad things won't happen with the
solution you suggest. In all cases, the program has to maintain two
separate flows of execution, and that's a hard thing to do correctly.

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