> Well after this mess I'd like to update the sample file and the
> documentation
> in order to help make kdesvn-build work right on 64-bit.
> So, what exactly does a user have to specify to use 64-bit libraries, so I
> can
> update the sample?
> It seems that qt-copy needs the -libdir lib64 configure option added, and
> that
> the KDE admin system needs --enable-libsuffix=64. Is this all that is
> needed?

I think this will work, but the second shouldn't be needed. But the best
solution is to detect whether the distribution uses lib64 or lib. This is
already done by KDE's configure script, and I posted the solution to
kde-core-devel some weeks ago, so you may take it from there. The reason
KDE expects lots of libraries in lib + libsuffix. Some distributions might
use "lib64" for 64bit libraries (and "lib" for 32 bit), others might use
"lib" for 64 bit and "lib32" for 32 bit, and who knows what other
combination is possible. So the right solution is to:
- detect where are the standard libraries
- configure Qt with the right -libdir
- configure KDE with the right libsuffix (theoretically this is already
done without the need of the switch)


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