On Thursday 16 February 2006 16:12, Ferdinand Gassauer wrote:
> Have to specify
> --with-qt-libraries=3D/daten/kdesvn/kde35src/qt-copy/lib

In this case the problem is that your Qt build is not configured to put =

the lib in lib64. =

> nevertheless I have no clue, what I have to define in
> =A0~/.kdesvn-buildrc as the environment is comletely "clean" there.
> the sample file there does not =A0provide any help which libraries are
> needed.

I did not try kdesvn-build for trunk, but for 3.5 branch works fine for =

me. As soon as I go home (Sunday) I will give you the details about it =

as the home machine is an AMD64 on SUSE 10.0...


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