On Tuesday 14 February 2006 09:57, Simon Guerrero wrote:
> Hi
> I am developing an application which needs to identify all the windows on a
> display which have visible windows and read their titles and - if possible
> - the command line which launched them.
> I use XQueryTree to read the root window's child hierarchy, then
> XGetTextProperty to read the XA_WM_NAME and XA_WM_COMMAND properties.
> However, under KDE I have observed that the values always come back null
> (with the corresponding nitems at zero) for all mapped windows. If I remove
> the restriction which allows NotVisible windows to be processed, I do get
> names back (not the ones which appear in the title bar, but just the app
> name - e.g. "kconsole").

As "xwininfo -root -tree" shows, windows have WM_NAME set and you must have a
mistake somewhere.

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