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Iam buildin a kde Application that uses Xlib .
Iam using pthread_cond_wait() so that the running
worker thread will wait untill the GUI thread give
signal or finished his work .

But suppose the worker thread blocked some X resources and waiting
for the signal . If the next thread need those resources
then there going to be problem .
So in my case how will ensure that blocked working thread will
release all the X resources so that the GUI thread can
use that X resources .I have used separate display connection
for each thread .

I pause the current pthread and invoke an dialog in
another thread the following error is coming
Xlib : unexpected async reply
Xlib : sequence lost (0x1718e > 0x71a0) in reply to 0x0!
X Error : BadImplementation (server does not implement opertaion) 17
Major opcode : 20
MInor opcode : 0
Resource id : 0x759d1
The error is coming randomly , not always .
Can anyone will help how to come out of this error .
Ur help will be greatly appreciated .

Thanks in advance
to all

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