Dave Feustel wrote:

> The source and OpenBSD executables for five X11 demo programs
> is now available at http://dfeustel.home.mindspring.com/e-files.zip.
> The programs are xkey, xspy, xwatchwin, xghostwriter, and xevact.
> The code and makefiles have been tweaked enough to compile
> and run on OpenBSD 3.8, but the original unmodified code is contained
> in the .tgz files in the zip file. Only slight Makefile modifications
> are needed to compile for linux.

Can you please clarify what on earth this has to do with KDE development,
and therefore why you're posting it to this list? (And no, "KDE uses X"
isn't a valid answer, otherwise this list would be full of discussions of
kernels, third-party libraries, etc etc).

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