The source and OpenBSD executables for five X11 demo programs
is now available at
The programs are xkey, xspy, xwatchwin, xghostwriter, and xevact.
The code and makefiles have been tweaked enough to compile
and run on OpenBSD 3.8, but the original unmodified code is contained
in the .tgz files in the zip file. Only slight Makefile modifications
are needed to compile for linux.

Xspy and xkey are key logging programs. I got one of these programs
to log kde konsole keystrokes to a different user login running in
console mode after I ran xhost + in the kde session.

Xwatchwin allows you to peek at a window on another X server.

Xghostwriter is supposed to make the x11 keyboard seem to be
demonically possessed. It doesn't quite work, but probably can
be made to work by anyone with a little x11 experience.

Xevact is a more complicated program. Read the documentation
to see what it does. I took the sound features out of the OpenBSD
version of the program to get it to compile since I never use sound
effects on my computer.

Documentation of these programs is sparse, but adequate to run the programs.

Have Fun,
Dave Feustel
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