is a 3-part series on X-11 exploits which those who
think they understand x11 security might wish to
read and comment upon. I clearly don't understand
x11 security so I have no comments, but I will read
with great interest comments by anyone else.

05-Jul-2004: SSH Users beware: The hazards of X11 forwarding
Logging into another machine can compromise your desktop...

08-Jun-2004: The ease of (ab)using X11, Part 2
Abusing X11 for fun and passwords.

13-May-2004: The ease of (ab)using X11, Part 1
X11 is the protocol that underlies your graphical desktop environment, and you need to be aware of its security model.

Dave Feustel
Lose, v., experience a loss, get rid of, "lose the weight"
Loose, adj., not tight, let go, free, "loose clothing"

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