i tried viki from
It turns out that this tool already has most of the features that need
to be tweaked in the typing tutor.

It can already handle level 3/4 modifiers for phonetic keyboards as well.

It does not reload the keymap if you change it after you launched the app.

2006/2/7, Vivek Rai :
> Hi Karunakar,
> I had come across a typing tutor called touchtyper from KDE apps website
> http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=14711
> One major feature in this typing tutor compared to the default one you
> get with kdeedu is that it uses the Xserver functions to get the
> current xkb keymap, and uses it. (in kdeedu's ktouch, you need to
> redefine the keymap again in a ktouch format!).
> Note, that
> A) it currently just picks up the current layout at the time of
> launching the app, and does not switch it dynamically once the
> application has started.
> B) it is essentially a typing trainer, so the GUI has a lot more
> distractions, and you may not need all that
> C) I tried to use it with the bolnagri phonetic hindi keymap, and it
> wasnt able to handle level3/level4 modifiers.
> (I tried hacking the code to work with the extra modifiers, but I had
> used AltGr as the modifier key, and it turns out that Qt core libs
> dont have a separate event for AltGr key!!)
> Anyways, you can have a look at this utility, do some changes to get
> rid of the typing trainer textarea and menu etc, add a feature to make
> it reload the keymap on request, and it could work fine as a keymap
> display utility with most 2-level INSCRIPT keyboards.
> Hope that helps,
> Cheers,
> Vivek

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