Hi all,

In some i18n strings in my projects, there are terms which should not be
translated. What I wonder is how I make sure those terms are not translated.

Here's an example:

i18n("In a division or multiplication involving "
"xdt:yearMonthDuration or xdt:dayTimeDuration, "
"the right operand cannot be NaN(not-a-number)")

"xdt:yearMonthDuration", "xdt:dayTimeDuration", and "NaN" are not supposed to
be translated. What are the solutions?

* Break them out with %1, %2, %3, and arg().

* Perhaps with i18n(const char *comment, const char *text)? I think the
Doxygen is unclear. Is that function intended for passing notes onto the
translator("Hi translator, don't translate the words foo and bar"), or does
it have a technical role at lookup time?

* Some other way?



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