On Sunday 05 February 2006 11:14, Mantia Andras wrote:
> But sometimes all you want to really do is to have a repainted GUI while
> doing a KIO transfer, but you don't care about other issues, like user
> input. In such cases usage of async KIO is a little bit overkill, but
> using NetAccess causes problems. I recently saw two examples of this:
> 1) K3B "hanging" random times while files were added to a DVD project.
> The cause was NetAccess and somehow the event loop started by it was
> not exited.
> 2) Quanta loads on demand some data from disk to prevent excessive
> memory usage. As I used all over Quanta generic KIO aware code, in this
> case I used tests such as "list" or "exist". The result was random
> hangup while loading the data. And in this case I don't care about
> those seconds it takes to load the data as anyway the user cannot do
> anything without that data.

Yes we had such problems with NetAccess when using it for thumbnails in konqiconview.
IIRC it was because of re-entrancy. NetAccess -> event loop -> paint event -> next thumbnail -> NetAccess again.
Not sure if that's what you're experiencing too, but it might be somehow.
The rest of the time NetAccess is rather stable in my experience.

> If needed, I can research both cases and give you the exact example when
> things go wrong.

I sleep better without almost-impossible-to-fix bugs, but if you want to see those fixed, ok
I might just say "we'll see how Qt4 behaves" though.

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