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Hi Karl,

On Friday 03 February 2006 13:23, Karl Pitrich wrote:

> I try to extend KMail with a toolbar button, that simply writes the
> currently selected message to a file.
> As I have to support a multitude of differen Linux distributions, I'd
> like to use kjsembed in order to avoid binary dependencies.

Hmm, this might be more a KMail development question than anything else.
I am not sure which possibilities of extensions are provided at this stage.
One thing I can think of is to use a custom filter and add the filter=20
activation button to the toolbar.

The KMail developer mailinglist is kmail-devel

> I played with trunk/KDE/kdebindings/kjsembed/docs/examples/html2text/
> a really long time without success.
> I find that the is no libkjsembedplugin (as specified in the sample)
> anywhere in the makefiles in kjsebmed, furthermore, all kjs-related
> libs, except for libjavascript, do not have the C entry point init_(=


The version in trunk is most likely the one transitioned to KDE4 and the=20
documentation is perhaps for the stable one from branches/KDE/3.5

> Is it possible at all to make a kpart that extends ie. a toolbar or menu
> of ie. kmail or kwrite in kjs only?

Using KParts depends on the application's possibility to load kparts.
I am pretty sure neither KMail not KWrite support this, but they may have=20
other plugin or extension possibilities.


Kevin Krammer
Qt/KDE Developer, Debian User
Moderator: www.mrunix.de (German), www.qtcentre.org

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