Am Mittwoch 01 Februar 2006 14:41 schrieb Erik K. Pedersen:
> I believe there was some proprietary stuff in the version
> of suse 9.1 they delivered with the machine, to make wireless work, and the
> reson I have been happy with the machine is that as delivered everything
> worked, including getting the output on a different screen, suspending etc.

The only "propritary" stuff was the LinDVD-Software with a deamon that blanks
TV-Out if you run LinDVD, but I'm sure you can find a replacement for that

I own an nx5000 that worked(*) fine with SUSE 10.0, except for the sd card
reader, but that one didn't work with 9.1 either. I found it to be fairly
stable. I haven't had a chance to test it with 10.1, but it should work just


(*) My laptop recently broke, probably because some condensator went down the
drain. If someone knows a cheap spare part dealer for the board, I'd be glad
to hear about it via PM.

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