I know this is off topic, but a couple of years ago I bought an hp nx5000 with
suse 9.1 preinstalled. I am hoping there are others on this list who did the
same thing who can help me.
I have kept it updated since then using apt-get and the repository in
Goettingen, and I have been very happy with the way it worked. But now I am
visiting the Mittag Leffler Institute in Stockholm for a month, and they use
WAP for their wireless, and that does not work on suse 9.1 as far as I
understand. I guess my question is whether there is a way to upgrade suse 9.1
so that I can use WAP, or whether everything will continue working if I
install suse 10.1. I believe there was some proprietary stuff in the version
of suse 9.1 they delivered with the machine, to make wireless work, and the
reson I have been happy with the machine is that as delivered everything
worked, including getting the output on a different screen, suspending etc.

Erik (Danish i18n team)

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