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I'm a French student in a school of engineering in France. I'm
specialized in Mathematics and IT. This semester, within the C++ course,
I have the opportunity to carry out a C++ project with another student.

I'm very interested in open source development and I would like to
perform an useful project and not just a "school" project. It should be
not a big project, we can work about 24 hours on it, but we are ready to
work more if the project need it and to continue working on it after the
end of the school year. For example, a small kde application would be
perfect, take part to an existing project could be good as well.

We have already developed several applications using Qt toolkit. I'm
familiar with network programming, threads, ... We have also some
mathematics skills such as optimization, numerical method, ...

Thanks for your help,

Best regards.

Sylvain Archenault

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