When I run Konqueror, the only toolbars I have active are the main toolbar and
the location toolbar. My preferred layout is to have them both on one line,
like so:
____________________ _______________

I can maintain this config some of the time, but sometimes when I re-open
Konqueror, I inexplicably get a different layout:


In other words, one toolbar on top of the other. No matter how much I try to
grab the toolbars by the handles and move them back, they stay one on top of
the other instead two on one row. Then, for no apparent reason, I reopen
Konqueror and my preferred layout is back. I am now on KDE 3.5.1, but this
problem has been with me through many versions. Is there a way to make
Konqueror use my preferred layout? Or is its behavior in this area strictly
random? People on other lists have never been able to shed any light on this

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