Hi folks,

following up the discussion on a unified network management application from
some months ago:
there was a conclusion to wait for the yet-to-come generic framework where all
the sub-applications would dock in, to provide a clean all-in-one user
interface for network configuration in KDE 4. Did this get anywhere? I am
currently working on the status-monitoring part of kwifimanager (all but the
kcm module), and I am so far that I'd like to start continuing on the
configuration part. But I'd prefer to do that not into the blind. So, if
there is some halfways usable version of this framework, I'd love to see it.


Stefan Winter

Am Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2005 22:27 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> in the last few days we've seen the introduction of knetd and kvpnc, both
> of which are coming along at their own pace.
> we also have kwifi in kdenetwork already, and there's the network interface
> configuration panel seen in kubuntu floating about.
> if one stops for a moment and thinks about it from a user's standpoint,
> this is insane: to accomplish the single task of getting on the network one
> would require 2, 3 or maybe even 4 separate tools!
> i really don't think we should consider shipping such a set of applications
> in KDE4 (the next release which would see new apps bundled with it), but we
> really do need such a tool. is it at all possible for, and desirable on the
> part of those working on these different pieces, to come together and work
> on a single, comprehensive network tool that is usable and well integrated?
> a "kde network presence" project would be an excellent and highly valuable
> project to include in kde4 that would be large enough to comfortably fit a
> few people. the division of tasks would even be pretty clear as each author
> is working on different parts of the puzzle already.
> thoughts?

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