On Saturday 28 January 2006 04:43, Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> Hello, Everyone
> The problem that I described in this thread:
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=113490587600438&w=2
> is back. As far as I know, it started today, since I successfully
> compiled kdebase (branch 3.5) either yesterday or the day before.
> The error that compiling bails on is the same as in the above link, but
> I reproduce it here for your convenience:
> creating ./konqueror/keditbookmarks/dcop.kidl
> Can't open perl script "${datarootdir}/apps/dcopidlng/kalyptus": No
> such file or directory. Use -S to search $PATH for it.
> Error creating ./konqueror/keditbookmarks/dcop.kidl. Exit status 1.
> Some time after the end of the original thread on this subject, it was
> apparently fixed in SVN, since I was able to compile kdebase perfectly,
> without having to make any changes to kdebase/konqueror/Makefile.am
> Tonight, it just started happening again.
> Last time (before the problem was fixed) I was told to do some more
> debugging. I have no problem doing whatever I can to help out, but I
> had (and still have) no idea where to start. Any ideas, let me know.
> I will be glad to do my part.

Still the same - dcopidlng isn't at fault, kde-config is.

kde-config --install data --expandvars
here, and says something with ${datarootdir} in it for you, most probably.

So the question is... hmm, which configure options you passed to kdelibs,
and what's in your kde-config.cpp? And where is datarootdir mentionned,
because for me kde-config.cpp.in and kde-config.cpp don't mention it at all.
No file in kdecore actually mentions that string. Does it come from your environment maybe?

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