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On Monday 30 January 2006 15:27, Thomas King wrote:
> Please point me to the correct list if need be. I've checked with the
> original author, and I've asked this on kde-linux, kde-quality, and
> kde-english-docs.

As you've noticed, the application seems terribly unmaintained; is it reall=
y a=20
good subject for a newbie tutorial to use something that is unmaintained,=20
unexaplains and possibly full of egregious bugs (caused by bitrot more than=
anything else)?

> First question: Under configuring KwikDisk, I see a box with labels Icon,
> Device, Type, Size, Mount Point, Free, Full%, and Usage. If I click on one
> or more of those entries and it goes to "hidden", I see no change in
> KwikDisk or in KDiskFree...again, this is the KwikDisk configuration only.
> What is the function for this box?

I think it is code-reuse gone awry.

> Last question: In the "Mount Commands" tab, the Get Mount/Unmount Command
> boxes bring up a file browser. What kind of file are we looking for, or
> does it matter? I also made an assumption if those areas are blank that t=

> normal "mount" and "umount" commands are used with no arguments. Am I
> assuming correctly?

It looks like you select an executable for mount/unmount there. Perhaps a=20
shell script if you need to do fancy stuff. I wouldn't necessarily assume=20
that blank means anything useful.

Anyway, this whole app looks like it was thrown over the fence from KDE2 (w=
in their right mind would use this particular UI for enabling/disabling=20
columns now?) and has rotted since.

These are your friends - Adem
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