Please point me to the correct list if need be. I've checked with the
original author, and I've asked this on kde-linux, kde-quality, and

I am writing a tutorial for a newbie site but I have some missing pieces
before I'm comfortable with it. The topic is using Kwikdisk and KFreeDisk.
Currently, I cannot find any documentation on Kwikdisk except for a few
passing references.

First question: Under configuring KwikDisk, I see a box with labels Icon,
Device, Type, Size, Mount Point, Free, Full%, and Usage. If I click on one
or more of those entries and it goes to "hidden", I see no change in
KwikDisk or in KDiskFree...again, this is the KwikDisk configuration only.
What is the function for this box?

Second question: What is the threshold for Kwikdisk to pop up a window? In
other words, what does it consider "critically full"?

Last question: In the "Mount Commands" tab, the Get Mount/Unmount Command
boxes bring up a file browser. What kind of file are we looking for, or does
it matter? I also made an assumption if those areas are blank that the
normal "mount" and "umount" commands are used with no arguments. Am I
assuming correctly?

Thanks for your time!
Tom King

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