On 1/29/06, Francisco wrote:
> HI, I post this question here because I think it was a development decision,
> but maybe it's wrong, please suggest where I should ask this.

You might try the akregator IRC channel. irc.kde.org channel #akregator

But I will try to answer your questions (i'm not an active developer
of akregator

> * Why did they choose to store the feeds in a binary format (.mk4 file)
> instead of the convenient (for me at least) XML files?

1. speed
2. memory usage

> * I've read some time ago that some people were concerned about this kind of
> things in kde, I mean the tendency to use use cryptic binary files instead of
> the friendly user readable text files for configurations and information
> storage. What do you think about it?

It's actually a metakit database file

metakit is a lightweight database storage engine

see: http://www.equi4.com/metakit.html

> * Last but not least, do you know any easy workaround to my problem?, any easy
> way to decode these files to be able to parse with a script?

if you use perl or python, sure.. there are metakit interfaces for that.

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