On Sunday 29 January 2006 17:51, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> > Is umask 077 bizarre?

> Dunno. umask confuses me. Anyway, as I said before, this isn't a general
> support list. Ask on kde@kde.org
> > I also chmod 600 all my kde-related sockets as
> > soon as I start kde, and nothing seems to break.

> Erm, except adding application icons to the desktop?
> (OK, I doubt they're related, but to claim that nothing breaks in a thread
> you started to describe how something is broken is a little inconsistent)

I was having the problem with creating icons to start applications before
I started chmodding socket permissions to 600. No new problems have
shown up since I started tweaking the sockets. And I've had a *lot* fewer
problems with gremlins in kde since I started using pf to block all unsolicited
incoming internet packets! There' some pretty strange stuff being sent my

> Regards,
> Philip

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